Hi, My name is Sharon and I run my business, Inspirational Yarns from our home in Sussex, England with the help and support of my family.

I have always been creative and when in 2007 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and my mobility became restricted, I began spending more and more of my time creatively. This led to me starting my blog and then my Etsy shop.  You can find my shop – InspirationalYarns – on Etsy by clicking here.


Most of the items in my shop are yarn related including;

Hand dyed yarns,

img_1075 img_1079 img_2644 img_2675 img_3708 img_6192 img_0703 img_0751 img_6177

Project Bags,

img_6129 img_6075 img_5692 small-cat-bag img_3689 img_2717

Double Pointed Needle holders

sam_1489 sam_1497

Notions Pouches

img_5986 img_5990

Stitch Markers






pop up thread catcher/needle cases

img_3191 img_3488

and my crochet patterns

img_5778 img_5873 img_5872 IMG_2602

I have a fantastic support from my family.

Hubby – Howard is very practical and I go to him if I need any gadget made, shelving put up or any other diy support!

Abi is our 19 year old daughter. Abi is really creative so I can bounce ideas off of her.  Abi also helps at times as my photographer and also my model!

Josh is 11 and helps me with the packing.  He is also a great source for yarn colourway inspiration.


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